THEME FOR 2016-2017 "Look, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world." Jn 1:29

WELCOME TO OUR FIRST GRADE BLOG SPOT! This is where we will try to keep you up to date on what is happening in our classroom.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


We had all kinds of yummy food in class today!  
Please do Tuesday's work.  :)
Christ Light:  Review of The Pharisee and Tax Collector

Reading:  Please read "The Spingle,  Spangle Talent Show"  in the Superkids book.

Math:  We started "doubles plus one" today.  Do Lesson 76B

Spelling:  More practice with contractions.  

Gym:  jump rope and dribbling a basketball.

Music:  Practicing our song for Christian Education Sunday, next week.  

Happy 1/2 Birthday Ryder!  Thanks for the delicious cookies.

Don't tell Mr. H.  I gave the kids GUM this afternoon.  We tried to blow bubbles for a photo.  Check out our door display for Spirit Week.  "Panthers will BLOW them away."  

Monday, January 16, 2017


First Grade Weekly Note  January 12, 2017

Faith Alive  The school newsletter will be sent out today.  It is loaded with information!  

Math Stations: New ones on Friday as we finish our stations today.
Parent Drivers for trip on Thursday, Feb 2! These are the parents who will accompany us on Feb 3rd. Again, the students ride the bus, and parents meet us in Appleton. Vogt, Worthington, Jager, Mathwig (2), Bright, Wiechman, Giese, and Meltz.  You may carpool.  :)  8-9 parents are coming in K and 2nd grade, too.    
Spelling: TEST tomorrow, 1/13!
Pattern words (adding -ed and -ing): seat,  neat,  paint,  train,  boat,  float,  feed,  keep,  
Memory Words: were,  would,  could,  one,  some,  new  
Challenge (optional):   study,  found,  always,  talk,  walk

Congrats to Jaiden P, our class Handwriting Champ!  

Spingle, Spangle Talent Show:  On Visit Faith Day -1/27, the first graders will have their annual Talent Show, like the Superkids in our story next week.  Please help your child decide on a talent - read a poem, play on the piano, tell jokes, share some artwork, share a recipe, jump rope, ... The Show is at 1:00 in our classroom.  

NEXT WEEK is Spirit Week.  Please have your child dress up for these days
Monday- Comfy, Cozy (PJs are fine), Tuesday- Color Day, Wednesday- Food Day,
Thursday-Character from a movie, or book…, Friday- Panther Black and White Day.

JUMP ROPE I would like to have my first grade class perform our jump rope skills at a home BB game.  Our routine will be about 3 minutes.  Please come Saturday, Jan 28th at 2:00 PM.  We will perform during halftime of the girls A game, about 2:25.  

Classroom Volunteer Schedule I will send this google doc out, so you may sign up to help in class if you would like.  Thanks!

Martin Luther King, Jr Monday

Comfy, Cozy Day!

Christ Light  Please read 8A  The Pharisee and the Tax Collector
MT:  Luke 18:13b  God have mercy on me, a sinner.

Reading:  I read a story about Martin Luther King, Jr. We also read our new poems.

Spelling:  We started our new word list of contractions.

Math:  3 Stations today.  1) Math test- most did well and took it home 2) ipad- our new Sum Dog app. 3) Pattern Blocks- Counting blocks in a specific shape.

Change War started today.  I emptied the change in my wallet so everyone could add at least one coin to our bucket. :)

I posted a picture of the class to our Seesaw site.  Adorable!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Our "Adopt a College Student" came today.  We were very excited to welcome Mr. Colla.  He read our devotion and sang our hymn of the week with us.  We also sang "We Look for a Star."  

He listened with us to The Contest in our reading book as we listened on the CD.   Then Mrs. G, Mr. Colla and I performed a readers theatre "Who-Who Is Afraid of the Dark."  Ask about it!!!  Finally, Mr. Colla read 5 short fables from Arnold Lobel's book and helped us understand the lesson of each.  

After that we went to gym and practiced our jumping rope and dribbling.  Mr. Colla participated, too, then he went to the Geography Bee to defend his title.  When the Bee was over he joined us for "Quiet Reading Time" and he listened to several readers.  He said he has one week left and then will head back to CA.  It was fun having him for the afternoon.    

Two students were out sick today and two others left early with ailments.  We hope all are back and feeling good tomorrow. 

Mrs. Guell had some GREAT  news today.  Ask about that.  She even brought cookies.     

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Terrific Tuesday

Christ Light:  Review of Mary and Martha.  Today we discussed WHY we want to hear and learn God's Word so frequently.  The Holy Spirit will strengthen our faith each time.

Superkids:  We studied spelling words and reviewed our pattern word rule (long vowel, silent vowel= rain). to seethis

Math: Lesson 72 The kids love playing "Around the World" with our +2/-2 facts.

Social Studies: We discussed the "work" of volunteering.  Thank you to the many people that volunteer their time at our church and in the community!

Joshua K, 7th grade, played his french horn for us.  I hope ALL of these kids in band in a few years.  :)

CONGRATS- Jaiden- our being our class handwriting champ!!!  We had several that were super close!  It was tough to decide.

Monday, January 9, 2017


Christ Light:  Please read 7A  Mary and Martha.
MT: 3rd Commandment is on the lesson page back side.

Reading:  Read a Book Bag book tonight.  We reread "The Straw Horse" and talked about order of events.

Math:  The kids were excited to get their rulers today!!!  We began making straight lines with them, not measuring yet.

Gym: Jumping rope and beginning dribbling a basketball.

Social Studies: Work Unit.   Today's topic- Kind of work- making a good (item) or serving (service).

Have a warm and cozy night.

Thursday, January 5, 2017


First Grade Weekly Note  January 5, 2017

Faith Alive  The school newsletter will be sent out today.  It is loaded with information!

Christ Light: We reviewed the 10 Lepers today and recited our Memory Treasure.  

Math Stations: 1)  Arranging wood planks like photo 2) Clocks and measuring with Mrs. W
3) ipads  4) -2  Facts   5) Penguin Place Value

Math story problems:  Each day the Student of the Day tells me what to write for a morning message and then thinks of a story problem.  What fun to see the creativity.  Recently we have had math problems about laser tag, Christmas cookies, singing songs, and Christmas programs.  
NO HOMEWORK tonight.

Spelling: TEST on Friday 1/13
Pattern words (adding -ed and -ing): seat,  neat,  paint,  train,  boat,  float,  feed,  keep,  
Memory Words: were,  would,  could,  one,  some,  new  
Challenge (optional):   study,  found,  always,  talk,  walk

Reading Stations: 1)  Listen to “Moosetache” on tape.  2) Practice spelling words on wipe-off boards 3) Read with Mrs. W, and 4) Write a page in our Class Homonym book with Mrs. M.  
READ "The Straw Horse" in the Superkids book tonight.

Handwriting Contest:  Today everyone completed their work to be submitted to this contest.  

Social Studies:  We will begin our new unit on Work.  

THANK YOU for the amazing Christmas gifts.  I received many wonderful things for myself and many things for the class.  I am grateful and blessed!!!